By Nick Carne

Whatever they say about old dogs learning new tricks, you can certainly do exciting new things with prov...

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This week the Australian Wholefoods team got together to celebrate Christmas!

It was a great way to recognise all the hard work and effort put into the year 2015 by all departments, as Directors Ray and Michael showed their appreciation and everyone let their hair down a little!

There was an abundance of delicious food (what else would you exp...

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Australian Wholefoods has featured in the latest edition of Retail World magazine providing insights for the Ready to Go category review.

Specialty trends

The gluten-free market is expanding in Australia. Looking at the top 50 claims made on-pack for snacks and prepared meals launched in the past five years, gluten free was in the top five a...

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Australian Wholefoods came in at Number 81 in the Top 100 South Australian Businesses as revealed by the InDaily SA Business Index - a fantastic achievement by all.

To view the full list, see the link below.

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